Friday, November 9, 2012

Over so soon? Adara (Eva -and all of us, shall be fine).)

Hi people! It's me again... Hope you had an amazing day yesterday and your morning is going great so far. I tried to amid deadlines and a whole lot of other things. But like I always say, Oluwa is involved *in Kswich's voice*.
Shortly after my last post on how excited I was that Eva is a Trybe girl , It hit me that they had swiftly terminated her contract in less than six months. It left me speechless, as per Schweppes??

And as far as their press statement reason is concerned, I just think they were not satisfied with the fact that she probably wasn't having as many studio sessions as they would have liked, not having served crowd movers as as result. (As a law student, your first acquired skill is to sift through flowery language and get out the damn point yo! :p)

She already did everything. Champagne baths and everything else I thought of doing...Except leave a record label that apparently suited her in every sense of the word and joining one of the oldest yet most fleeting Nigerian and African labels out there the hallowed Trybe Records.

I was first going to have a nice rant about the whole thing. But thanks to the brother, I had a good convo about it, cleared my head and thought about the following

  • The transience of life, opportunity.
  • How quick it is to agree to something which seems nice.
  • The Constancy of change.
  • The fact that in every craft, especially in music, good does not always mean the best for YOUR growth- as an artiste. (To other readers, adaptation to your job, profession, course, friendships, relationships, etc will not be a bad idea.)
  • All that glitters...
  1. Opportunity comes but once and time does not wait. Do what you can when the time presents itself. We only wait to bury someone and even then, time does not stand still for those who will.
  2. For most of us, the bigger piece of meat is always the most desirable until we bite into a bone. Be watchful. It isn't just when going into a business that we must do this but in relationships, friendships, jobs even in answering questions. Watch, listen to those who have been there first. Hear not only what is said but incline your ear to what is not said for in unspoken words lie the secrets of life.
  3. The only thing that is constant in life is change. The fact that certain people may not be by our side may just mean that they were not meant to continue with us on our journey. Regret Nothing.
  4. The fact that certain people, groups or firms may seem good for our growth in whatever it is that we do (music as an example) does not mean that they are the right people for the craft that we have. We must find ourselves and make sure no one can make us change more than is healthy for what we do.
We all learn from our mistakes and I have no doubt at all that Eva Elohor Alordiah the amazingly talented young woman we have all come to love and respect will be absolutely fine after this. Who knows she may even be Sasha's muse and will add to the Femcee/eclectic designer's Adara Chorus.
After all, we can (all) do it (better ) with one more try.

Thank you 'Dre'.



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Walking back into the fortress...

        It's been almost a calender year since I last published.
To all who would want to read from me I sincerely apologise. Ma a binu se gbo?
        In the last year I have been around the world (Paris. Dubai. Dakar...) gone to school, gone through a grilling year. But it has been Hawt  *pause*amazing though. I've got some reasons to be absolutely thankful. First, I've been a year older for about eight months now. I'm in my final -yes FINAL year of a a double honours pair of Law and French. And I've been privileged to listen to amazing music, write some amazing stuff (musically too), Listen endlessly to Cosmic Love(by Olaolu- @Pervrocker) Heard new amazing stuff from the one artiste I have forever stanned -Ese Peters---Omote. @Esepeters. @EsepetersMusic. Oooh and he has been signed to Aboriginal. Watch for him.

       Of recent, I've heard some budding greatness from the YBMH crew- Yung Legend, Yung 6ix, JP Swagnificent, Hot Ice, Replay. JP's mixtape has since dropped. Expect a review. 6 o'clock by Yung 6ix is set to drop soon too.
The trybe records team are soo on my radar this last few months...(who heard they've also got Eva @EvaAlordia on the team??) Oh and Aramide @Aramide01...reserves words till a post just for her vocal depth. )

Ok on the spur of the moment I have decided that I shall put up as many reviews this year. as I can.     
        And how can I forget, Zara has gleefully TENOrised  our existence :* Clay has shown us that she shall be here for a very long time as her second video- Dancing in the sun (also directed  by Clay- Bianca's Pixels) was a classy, clean punk video I still watch.

On a personal level, MIDAS is amazing. I love him to smithereens. With everything I am. *Morphing back to being a tough girl...just to finish this post at least.*

Jorie's first edition was published this year. Yours truly loved being Contributing editor and writing for the mag.
And?? I am...Human Face of Rotimi Gbadebo's Art? Wow. Thank you Jesus! And I heart you Rotimi! Exhibition in June. Can't wait at all.

I pledge to post as often as possible and to also to write fiction  and poetry worth reading this year . So help me.

I love u all...


Friday, December 30, 2011

When we are silent 3

----But I keep just go on and break my heart
Yeah that was my reason for leaving...I had had enough...too much of all the pain really. I loved, he shagged a girl or played bb ish and give some stupid excuse like i were a kid of 5. kmt. Once, I just thought u know what, mi o r'aye BS o! wallahi I just packed up my love and went to serve. And now, I have it easy, Owo nla ni mo ni, guys really can't be fronting on me and I just be telling the guys not to trip if they no carry pass me. Too much grind on this hustle to endure male hassle.
Ok ok Cut the lyrical ish... I'm leaving the house now, I'm dressed in a white Vivvienne Westwood dress, vlack red herring flat pumps and a matching bag.
J'adore makes the Jet pilot stop and I realise it was a friend of the family....( here's me thinking damn thank heavens dad didn't take the charter flight.) Well...I'm edibly on top of the game.
Pleasantries and We are off to Jos. Yes there is no airport in Jos but there is nothing the right amount of cash cant afford these mega-boxed firms.
At the meeting, we just sign the documents and head to lunch. Musa texts that he'd cook dinner and he bought me a nice French white with some exquisitely dodgy name like that. I fly home thinking of how much I had waited for this night.
Ok confession. I really have a soft spot for Musa. Yes I know you may be thinking *Hey doesnt that go against ur Lyrical prowess-filled rant???* Well yeah it does but he is different from all these worwor strength draining a**wipes jor. He's a brother, a friend, confidante, cook, teacher, a fabulous singer, guitarist and majorly classy arm candy. My friends think he is out for my assets but does a guy with this much heart and class aim to mess up like that? And in the last few years there has been no girls. (he is'nt gay, I checked. :p) But I'm scared this may be an illusion though, Lets see what tonight holds.
I can smell my favourite dish. Spring Onion and Ginger chiken stirfry with a helping of carrots, peppers and soy sauce. the aroma massaging my aching muscles and then? a kiss on the neck as as if by clock work, Stay with Me by Ese Peters envelopes the room.
I (wasn't) too late after this mere mortal says he would stay.
*Pause for pulsing movevements, and the silent screams of Euphoria as food is but a forgotten memory to the timed rhythm of the music.*

Saturday, September 3, 2011

When We Are Silent 2

Am I too late?...

Three missed calls, one message. Dawn.  Oyinwa. How her name only brings me joy. She has made me smile these last four years in her service. Thoughts of he make me happy I had another shot at life. I didn't always bear the tag of a multi-talented steward you know?

Every position  in our lives, every place where we choose to start afresh has a story. However, we do not always choose to tell our tale...but like many others, I am unsure of what we fear. Pain? Heartache? Reopening the wounds hurt dealt us? our just bruising our pride? None but providence can tell...

Ejeta Musa Ibrahim Omiakpo, known to all in my present life, as Musa Ibrahim. Multi-linguist, Infotech Graduate and programmer; Good cook with a knack for being handy. Yeah yeah I know-you are now wondering how in the world I spent the last few years in some Chic's crib as what my mama calls boi-boi right?

Programmer. InfoLex Legal Solutions. My father's company. Yes, Donatus Onajite Omiakpo is My father. Cleo Asante Tamadon, GH rep, InfoLex. The love I thought I had found. I gave her everything-my heart, my soul, my mind, my will to live and my family's major system hacks-you can trust the one you love right?  WRONG! This scheming Jezebel cleared 5 Nigerian accounts and used my cyberseal to withdraw the cash, then changed ship to my friend and started Sahel media solutions. This left me excommunicated from family -all except mum -bless her. And rather than pursue criminal proceedings with his only heir, Onajite had decided he would only internally terminate my appointment till he retired and
I'd feign leave and move to Lagos. And I had to show him that with a fraction of what I had lived on, and with only the house I had bought here  and one car I had taken from mum to fit my new low key lifestyle I could clinch legitimate cash, live in humility and find true love and not the kind to play cops and robbers with my heart.  I swore never to love again. But you  see,we are all made with the ability to make the worlds of those who love us the most fall down. The question is, can we find the one who through it all you want to stay with...because they are the ones who even when they let us down, will hold us now and always.
Since then, I have lived on minor but overpriced web design, a temperate vegetable patch I own, (Jos has wonderful weather for such) and for four years now, a steward job with a young and beautiful young woman.
She has a meeting with InfoLex today. One that I have orchestrated. The private jet makes sure she gets to Jos and back in time fot me. I love her and I want to have her work for the firm I will own in a few months when my father officially retires.  I had chosen to do this from the sidelines so I can try wooing her without the fanfare. I want her to love me for me...if that is possible. So far, She is my closest friend. And as she went to Ahmadu Bello University she speaks Hausa fluently...but with her, all I have to do is look into her her eyes or say hello on the phone and she knows the content of my heart. Language is no barrier. I only hope I moved fast enough...or I may lose my diamond in the rough.

We've scheduled dinner at hers for seven. We are cooking. Hope my fear doesn't let me down...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

When we are silent...1

It has always been said that one's hatred for something does all but guarantee that he never has to preoccupy himself with it. That was what Dr. Arisekola continually intoned as he strode into Legal Theory lectures.


Oyinwa Philips.  Defence Attorney. Sounds great doesn't it? Yeah even in my ears it does...But it didn't always sound so good. I really just wanted the solitude of music and litterature...but Arisekola knew his onions when he made that statement his maxim for legal theory. I sit on my bed right now as I patiently await sleep. PING. I have to be present at a meeting tomorrow and sound vaguely official an no, I can't say no. I'm on leave. Why now? EA Davidson and Sons Chambers, the firm I work for will be signing a deal with InfoLex Legal Solutions Ltd, an Info-Legal software company. I honestly have only ever heard about the deal and the signing in passing.  So getting a BBM from my boss, Mr Efe Davidson stating that I am to be present at a brunch meeting with the Reps from infoLex is a bit like huh? why? but a young but favoured Senior Partner does not turn down an opportunity to shine. And the bosses say it will be an easy score for me cos I'd dazzle them with a smile and quick wit. Ha! anything to make a fast legit million right? Smh.

On the flip side, this should give me company for at least one day during my six-week leave.
Stay with Me by Ese comes on for like the umpteenth time. I levitate and feel like love is beautiful then cry cos all men fall but some are despicable. Love or not. I wish I had asked that question...Will he cleanse me when I fall??? Right now? I'm trying not to crawl back to what I thought was Love...


Story for another day.

Clutching a drenched pillow, I make to call up Musa, My steward and brother from years of solitude since my youth in this house all by myself; just too tell him we wouldn't be going on that drive I had suggested as work beckoned and also to tell him to kindly wake me up for 7...Ring, Ring, R---*phone slips from ear*


Breaking the Silence on Ese Peters

Ese Peters.

I first heard this name musically in  late 2010 (Merry Christmas- Eva ft Ese Peters.) And as a music head, I began to search for other gems by this fresh breath of amazing. And everything from covers to his own work have really left me awe struck. I had read many reviews of his music and I decided to give him a listen myself.  
From the start, I had expected to be pleasesd with his talent. But as  I type, I really feel his heart in his makes you think the world can sometimes revolve around what we feel inside sometimes. And delivery? Classic. With tracks like Wetin I go do, Walk Away and brand new single Stay with me, this young but gifted Nigerian musician is sure to leave a lasting footprint in global music...making music that is universal as well as his...


Click link for Stay with me-  
 And for other amazing stuff see

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The mind's high Resolution

The teardrop stood still as I heard;
Remembering all the times I actually cared for selfish ramblings of a child that never really grew.

Asking what to do? As the hurt felt so new, different, kinda like it were opium seeping through the veins of another new addict, totally oblivious of the perils to come in the form of deletion of feeling...

But I had felt it before...why was this alien? Why did my blood go cold? Why did that split second hold my life in the balance? Wasn't she the dress thief in the hidden coral reef of my past that I hailed as "Cara" because I saw her for what she painted-Spring's bidding new leaf? My hearts little dress thief...

But the relief is in knowing that no one will eat our harvest for us bt we, the planter. I say we because a blue blooded maiden has decided to leave the picture of poppies where it belongs...Seeping into the sands of time ravaged by Neptune's salt water of Justice.

I pause for redress...Forever...